Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association

The reason of being of the Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association is to provide a safe environment for young hockey players to have fun while playing their favorite sport while developing their skills. The Association pays particular attention to the recruitment of its coaches and officials and its actions by Hockey Québec with respect to discipline, respect for the person and the rules and non-violence. With the collaboration of parents, the Association encourages a spirit of competition that contributes to improving the pleasure of playing hockey. The Minor Hockey Association and Sportplexe Pierrefonds: an unbeatable team!

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Des Sources High School

The Pierrefonds Sportplexe offers all the necessary facilities for Sport-études hockey programs for elementary and high school students. Programs are offered by Jonathan Wilson Elementary School, Des Sources High School and Kuper Academy Hockey School. For more information, visit their website :

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Jonathan Wilson Elementary School

Jonathan Wilson Elementary School is located in the heart of Île-Bizard, in a setting of enchanting and quiet life. The primary school of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board stands out by offering a “recreational” sports-concentration to all Cycle 3 students, as well as an “elite” component in hockey, soccer, figure skating and gymnastics. In addition, since physical activity and healthy lifestyles are essential in school, all students have a minimum of two hours of physical education per week.

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Kuper Academy

For more than 40 years, CAN / AM has been hosting hockey tournaments and training camps offering unparalleled service to all ages. Everything is planned, in the smallest details so that your next event will be an unforgettable success. CAN / AM’s knowledgeable and knowledgeable staff will accompany you right from the beginning to the end of your business. All CAN / AM events are designed to make your life easier and for players and family members to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

CAN / AM takes care of everything: reservation of hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. From the moment you arrive, to your departure, you will be surrounded by competent and caring professionals who made the reputation of CAN / AM. This is why the Pierrefonds Sportplexe is proud to offer its facilities to the CAN / AM team and associate it with this winning organization

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Montréal Meltdown
NPU Rebels

Our Mission ... Maximizing Potential

The NPU Rebels program prepares young hockey players to reach the elite juniors, Canadian and American college and university programs in an academic environment. The Rebels hockey program is focused on the development and the objectives reached by the student / athlete. The vocational guidance is guided by the values of sports ethics, respect, rigor, pride and autonomy while promoting academic success.

To increase the visibility of the players to junior, university and college institutions in Canada and the U.S.

Maximize their life experiences in different cities and countries:
- e.g. NCAA Weekend on American university campuses
- Cultural exchanges with other developmental schools in Canada and the United States.
- Over 30 of our players have been recruited or invited to join at higher levels