Rules in force

Rules in force


How do I make a reservation?

  • Be sure to check the terms of use before booking.
  • The cost will be $125 plus taxes per reservation, which is equivalent to 50 minutes on the ice rink.

            People allowed to book:

  • Family bubble residing at the same address.
  • A single person
  • Two people from two different addresses
  • A coach and a person or a family bubble.

Information needed:

  • Number of people
  • Names of participants
  • Identity documents with address for each person.

Contact the Sportplexe Pierrefonds to book and pay by credit card:

(It is preferable to reserve by email)

Serge Vaillancourt: 514-626-2500 #11 or
Cynthia Zucker : 514-626-2500 #31 ou

***** It is essential to quickly provide all the requested information and identification. Without that, we will have to move on to the next request. ******

Terms of use

These measures will absolutely need to be put in place to ensure your presence in the safest and healthiest possible conditions for all participants, employees and partners.
General instructions

  • Every person entering the arena has to disinfect their hands
  • Everyone should wear a mask as soon as they enter the arena
  • You must arrive 15 minutes maximum before booking time and leave maximum 15 minutes after.
  • The locker room will not be accessible. You can put your skates on benches near the ice assigned to your reservation.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory for everyone. We suggest adding protective equipment as needed.
  • If someone seems to have symptoms related to COVID-19, the whole family bubble will not be able to skate. You will need to assess the physical condition of each member.
  • Stay 2 metres away from other people in the arena
  • You will need to provide identification with photos and proof of address for each skater when booking and at the entrance to the arena.
  • An employee will check access to the arena and require confirmation of your booking and verify your identification. We kindly ask you to comply with those safety regulations, as we will not accept any disrespectful behavior to our employees.
  • No spectators can access the arena.

Important notes

Your cooperation in obtaining all the necessary documents and identification documents is essential to be able to make your reservation. If we can’t get the documents quickly, we’ll book the ice rink to another client.

The current agreement is scalable according to government guidelines. In the event that the measures mentioned in this document are not respected, the Pierrefonds Sportplexe reserves the right to withdraw access to the arena without refund.

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