Open during the Holidays

The government will keep arenas open with the same restrictions.

Here are the conditions to respect:

– 1 coach and 1 athlete or a family from the same address.
– 1 family from the same address can skate or play hockey.

It is also possible to separate the ice 2 to have 1 athlete on each side or a family of the same address on each side.

Special price of $ 125 + taxes per hour

Contact Serge Vaillancourt 514-626-2500 # 11


7AM to 7PM
Open: December 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th
Closed: December 24th to 27th  and December 31st to January 3rd

  • Each person entering the infrastructure must WEAR A MASK AND WASH their hands.
  • The participant (s) will go directly to the surroundings of the rented area where benches and chairs are made available to customers. Distance yourself away from others.
  • Young skaters must arrive already dressed in their uniform.
  • Arrive maximum 15 minutes before the activity and departure maximum 15 minutes after the activity.
  • Each family stays on its half-ice if 2 families at the same time.
  • Distancing between people who do not have the same address.
  • The bathrooms in the entrance hall will be the only ones accessible.
  • No spectators

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By Renaud / Administrator on Dec 16, 2020